What is Fly By Miles (FBM)?

Fly By Miles (FBM) is a travel concierge service specialising in discounted First, Business and Premium Economy class tickets on international flights. Fly By Miles utilises spare and unused airline miles from all major airlines’ programs.

Which airlines do you work with?

We work with all the major International Airlines globally. Some of these include Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Turkish, Singapore Airlines, etc. We prefer not to work with low budget carriers with poor reviews and service thus to ensure our customers get the best quality experience for their money.

Why are your tickets cheaper than other tickets?

Fly By Miles utilises spare and unused airline miles from all major airlines’ programs. We use these miles to book First, Business Class and Premium Economy tickets for you. By combining the discounts, we get for combining bulk miles and the discounts that airlines offer to frequent travellers, we are able to pass down those savings to you.

Will I earn air miles while flying with FBM?

No unfortunately you will not earn any air miles while using our tickets

Where are you based?

Our main office is based in Dubai, UAE. However, our officers operate from several locations including Europe, Asia and Africa. We do service clients all over the world and can be reached via email, telephone, text message, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

Book Flight

How do I book a ticket?

Please fill out your contact details in the form available. Including the dates and time of your expected journey. We will process this information and a member of our flight concierge will provide you an offer containing price and travel details.

Why can’t I find your rates online?

We don’t have an automated OTA and the process we use to book flights is customised to fit the unique needs of each customer. Since flight prices are constantly changing and the customer demands vary we believe personalisation is the best way to offer you the best flight options and prices.

Can I change or cancel my ticket?

Reservations cannot be changed or cancelled unless a Flexible ticket option has been purchased at time of booking. In the case of a Flexible ticket option, changes and cancellations are permitted up to three days before the scheduled departure date subject to availability. Changes and cancellations are subject to a service fee chargeable per passenger per sector plus any applicable fare and tax differences.

Does (FBM) provide only First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy tickets?

The price for international economy lower class tickets will normally be competitive online thus we only focus on First, Business Class and Premium Economy class tickets. This will help ensure we offer you a significant discount. We do also offer ‘’mixed class’’ tickets to save money. If on certain routes you would like to optimize your savings, we will be sure to offer you a mixed class ticket i.e. One-Way First Class and One-Way Business Class.

Buy Miles

Who can buy air miles?

FBM brokers air miles sales, we cater mainly to travel agents, mileage brokers and independent agents who are involved in buying and selling of air miles. However, if an individual is interested in purchasing miles for personal use, we are also able to provide this. However, this is not recommended for someone without experience with air miles.

Do you sell air miles globally?

Yes. We currently sell to most countries such as Australia, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Japan, UK, USA, Nigeria, among other countries.

How can I purchase miles?

In order to purchase miles you will need to fill up the contact form (Buy Miles) after which a member of FBM will contact you with a quote and how payment can be made.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our preferred payment method is international/local bank transfer. However, we can also accept online card payments through Paypal, as well as international/local transfers to our bank account. However please note there may be an additional card transaction fees for card payments. We may also consider cash payments (see the next FAQ). Lastly, we can consider cryptocurrency payment for example Bitcoin payments.

Can I pay for miles by Cash

We may be able to accept cash payments in certain countries where we have an office or a representative office. These countries include but are not be limited to: United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Can you add more miles to my existing frequent flyer account?

Yes, most existing accounts are able to be topped up with miles.

How long are the miles valid for?

This differs depending on the mileage program and several other factors.

After I purchase miles am I able to return the miles and get a refund?

When it comes to miles sold, all sales are final. Under no circumstances, will we be able to take back miles after purchase. In the event you wish to sell your existing miles or purchase miles please fill out the form in the ‘Buy Miles’ page.

What are your payment methods?

We offer online card payments. This will be done via a secure link that is provided to you upon your approval of the flight estimate and schedules. In countries where we have an office, we can also accept cash deposits, cash payments and can also consider cryptocurrency payments such as the use of Bitcoin.

Sell Your Miles

When do I get Paid?

FBM pay as quickly as possible, we are known to process payments promptly. Unlike most mileage brokers we pay as soon we verify the reward points or airline mile balance has been transferred to us.

How do I get Paid?

Payment will be made in most cases through Bank Transfer or by Paypal.

How do I know my information will be secure?

We take customer security seriously as our business depends on the trust our customers place on us. We work carefully and diligently using the most advanced methods available to secure the information of our customers. Your information is always kept confidential.

Is it Legal to sell my miles and reward points?

Yes, it is absolutely Legal, and there are no laws against it. However, some airline programs may consider the exchange of miles/reward points a violation of their terms & conditions.

Who to contact if I have any more questions?

Customer service is our number one priority. We are always available to answer any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions before, during, or after our transaction has been completed. You may also email us at support@FlyByMiles.com